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Home >> Numerology >> Basic Of Numerology
Basics Of Numerology

All numbers have three possible expressions:

  • Balanced
  • Under-balanced
  • Over-balanced

When we are out of balance, we may experience the polarities within the number (the under-balance or over-balance qualities). This occurs until we learn how to balance the qualities of the number within ourselves. The definitions we give below are the balanced expressions. Use your intuition to imagine what qualities the number would take on if it were under-balanced or over-balanced. Later on in the course, we'll present a chart of the under-balanced and over-balanced aspects of each number.

The Number Chart
The Number Chart

The Number 1:

There is a beginning to every story. Therefore, within the number one we have many qualities that embrace LEADERSHIP and courage such as:

  • independence
  • adventure
  • initiative
  • originality
  • determination
  • individuality
  • direction

The Number 2:

Then light was shined upon the subject. The vibration of two is the 'light bearer'. It's core intention is balance and PEACEMAKING, creating friendship wherever it goes. It holds such qualities as:

  • diplomacy
  • mediation
  • caution
  • kindness
  • sensitivity
  • cooperation
  • emotion
  • feeling
  • intuition

The Number 3:

The subject began to express with great creativity. Behold the joy of living with EXPRESSION in its many forms. The principles of the number three are:

  • enthusiasm
  • inspiration
  • imagination
  • words
  • vision
  • optimism
  • pleasure
  • creativity
  • ease
  • happiness
  • animation
  • artistic
  • cordial

The Number 4:

Now that we have creation let us put it into FORM and order. With practicality and determination we can create order and serve. Great achievements have been accomplished from the qualities of the four, which include:

  • concentration
  • management
  • application
  • conservation
  • dedication
  • efficiency
  • organization
  • follow-through

The Number 5:

Now that we have accomplished, let us allow FREEDOM to prevail so that we may progress and create new enterprises. With the energy behind the five, we promote new ideas and undertakings. Rewards are to be realized through such qualities as:

  • expansiveness
  • invention
  • promotion
  • variety
  • adventure
  • flexibility
  • movement
  • change

The Number 6:

Without others to love, serve, and cherish all is without purpose. Therefore, the six vibration brings with it the RESPONSIBILITY to restore humanity and remind all of us of the treasures within life. As six energy moves about in the world it embraces qualities such as:

  • beauty
  • creativity
  • domesticity
  • healing
  • morality
  • passion
  • harmony
  • trust
  • serving

The Number 7:

Now that I have learned how to give of myself, who and what am I really? I must have INDIVIDUALITY. Therefore, the quest for wisdom and knowledge begins. Eager to make sense of it all, the qualities of the seven are:

  • analysis
  • research
  • calculation
  • understanding
  • perfection
  • the unseen
  • intuition
  • investigation
  • reason
  • vision
  • solitude

The Number 8:

Now that I have discovered Heaven, how do I bring it to earth? There is power behind MANIFESTATION and I want to do what it takes to attain what I want. The eight becomes very busy managing and supervising with its sense of judgment. Behind the vibration of the eight is:

  • power
  • authority
  • capability
  • organization
  • efficiency
  • skill
  • hard work

The Number 9:

Having universal wisdom, I embrace the principles of forgiveness and COMPASSION. The nine holds the vibration of universal love. It teaches us how to accept each other. By having such a vast overview, the nine becomes a bridge to many qualities like:

  • creativity
  • imagination
  • benevolence
  • impersonality
  • intuition
  • philanthropy
  • emotion
  • generosity
  • devotion
  • dedication

The Number 11:

Let us create ILLUMINATION of all that is before us. There is a path beyond what we know today. The eleven lives in two worlds. On practical days, it vibrates with the two. On days that it senses it's full nature, it is of an energy that translates a world beyond. Therefore, the eleven energy is:

  • aware
  • six-sensed
  • creative
  • discerning
  • dreamy
  • inspiring
  • intense

The Number 22:

Let us build upon a foundation of precision and balance and we will have a master plan. On a practical day, the twenty-two becomes the four. When it senses its full capacity as a MASTER BUILDER, it can achieve what is barely imaginable. The qualities the twenty-two embraces are:

  • mastery of vast co-creative projects
  • great achievement
  • ingenuity
  • high energy
  • innovation
  • idealism

As you become familiar with the principles behind the numbers, you can add to the list. Remember that each vibration can be expressed as balanced, under-balanced, or over-balanced. Here is one example for the three vibration:

  • Balanced = Expressive
  • Under-balanced = Shy
  • Over Balanced = Boastful

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