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The Life Path

In this lesson we are featuring the Life Path. We like to think of the Life Path as a 'seed' that is planted on the day of birth. Your accumulated wisdom lies within it. Perhaps you could call this your 'heritage'. It is much like a record that you can rely on for tapping into your innate talents and abilities. As you become aware of this part of our nature, life seems to become more simple. If more parents understood their children's Life Path, it would be much easier to provide direction and help to build confidence.

Some Numerology systems call this part of your nature the Birth Force or Birth Path. No matter what you call it, its meaning remains the same. It is what you will always have on hand. Your Life Path is one of your greatest assets. You can always count on this part of your nature to be there for you.

The Life Path and the Expression work hand in hand. Dr. Juno Jordan, one of our favorite Numerologists, used an analogy from business to contrast the Life path (or Birth Force) and Expression (or Destiny) numbers. She said, "The Birth Force represents the stock on hand and the Destiny the business to be established." We like that analogy because it can help you to understand how important your Life Path is. When we surrender to our nature and use our tools, we can progress and begin to allow our purpose to unfold.

Also, we often find that the Life Path qualities often appear as opportunities, challenges, and lessons. We are learning how to embrace the qualities of the Life path in a balanced way.

Let's begin by calculating the Life Path for the following Birthday:

November 26th 1953
11 is 11/2 2 + 6 = 8 1 + 9 + 5 + 3 = 18
11/2 (Master Number) 8 (already one digit) 1 + 8 = 9
11/2 + 8 + 9 = 19
1 + 9 = 10
1 + 0 = 1

In the example above, we have a 1 for the Life Path (a 1 'seed' to use our previous metaphor). The person with the Birthday above can gain insight regarding the 1 vibration (qualities of the 'seed') and know that they have and can further develop those abilities. Let's do a quick review of the number 1.

We can be assured that this person has a strong will. They are someone capable of leading and taking initiative. The person is probably fairly independent and may even work in a field that requires originality and self-direction.

Remember that all vibrations can be expressed as 'balanced', 'under-balanced', and 'over-balanced'. If the person in the example above is expressing their 1 in a balanced way, they will use their leadership and pioneering spirit. Some other qualities that may be active are the capabilities to generate creative thought, inventive ideas, determination, a sense of humor, inspiration, and clear thinking.

Now, if there are other aspects within the core that are at odds with the 1 vibration, we may find the 1 will express itself in an under-balanced or over-balanced state. If this person has conflict in accessing their innate tools, they may appear to lack confidence, show signs of insecurity, become dependent on others, or become passive (under-balanced). If they feel threatened or have difficulty in channeling this vibration, then they might become bossy, opinionated, or dominating (over-balanced).

When working with an individual, the job of a Numerologist is to guide. When working with a person's full chart--which you will be able to do after completing this entire course--you will easily be able to see where conflicts between different numbers could occur. Your job is to assist in the blending of these vibrations in such a way as to empower the person. There will always be a reason why conflicting numbers are present in a persons life. Most likely it is to strengthen or develop the person in some way.

Try to find the intention behind the creation of a potentially conflicted combination of numbers. Ask yourself, What positive attainment could come out of this combination?" By doing so, you will then be on a useful track! Don't spend a lot of time pointing out the 'negative' aspects. Highlight the possibilities that they may exist.

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