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Effect Of Lagan

The sign which occupies your first house is your lagna. as there are 12 signs/Rashi so there are 12 lagna:

Mesha (Aries)
The native has round eyes, which are slightly copper coloured, and weak knees. He is proud, heroic, active, aggressive and always on the move or fond of walking. He is fond of hot food and vegetables, eats quickly and sparingly, is amorous by disposition and fond of women; prominent veins or marks of wound on body, bad nails; resorts of falsehood in speech; afraid of water; generally he is the eldest brother; prosperity is not constant; he himself is fickle in temperament but proves a good servant. There are sudden outbursts of temper, but he is easily pleased.
Vrishabha (Tauras)
Agreeable appearance; broad face and thighs. There is some mark on the back or sides; walks sportingly; good digestive powers; many have luck in agricultural work, and may possess cows and cattle; lucky and prosperous; fond of women. The native has a spirit of sacrifice and puts up with hard labour; has more daughters than sons. He is left alone by his previous relations; his sons may forsake him, but the native has permanent friends. The middle and the last one-third parts of life are generally more comfortable
Mithuna (Gemini)
Comely appearance, Prominent nose, dark eyes, curly hair, fond of food, sweet speech, learned, jocular, well up in the art of gambling; understands the intentions of others; fond of singing and dancing. Clever in amorous arts, voluptuous, attached to many women; friendship with imbecile and impotent persons; acts as a good ambassador. Such a native prefers to live indoors
Karaka (Cancer)
Not very tall, thick neck, broad waist, walks swiftly and not in a straight-line, intelligent, fond of astrology or is an astrologer; likes to live near water; has many family friends and is attached to them; owns houses; has a few sons; his fortunes wax and wane like the Moon; he can be brought round by persuasion. He is under the considerable influence of his wife or of women
Simha (Leo)
Yellowish eyeballs, prominent chin, large face, proud; has a few sons. The native has a sacrificing spirit, is of fixed determination, but gets unjustifiably into a temper at the slightest provocation and the anger is not quickly pacified; does not get on well with women; is fond of forests and mountains; is a favourite of his mother. The native is courageous, heroic and capable of prevailing upon others. Suffers from hunger, thrist (or diseases arising therefrom), mental and dental ailments
Kanya (Virgo)
Drooping shoulders and arms, shy and languid eyes, happy and comfortable life, speaks slowly and truthfully, clever in arts and crafts, enjoys others wealth and houses, fond of female company; religious, learned, discriminating, with intelligence and good memory; more daughters than sons; lives at a place other than his homeland
Tula (Libra)
Tall, lean body, prominent nose, fond of walking or travelling, suffers in some limb, gets setbacks in health due to slight causes but easily recovers; intelligent, clean, very active, devoted to gods and Brahmanas; has two popular names (one of them after a God); a few sons; clever in purchase and sale of goods; act impartially as an arbitrator; wealthy, skilful and leads a comfortable life. Substantial increase in wealth and status only in the latter part of life
Vrishchika (Scorpio)
Big eyes, broad chest, round thighs, knees and calves; sole of feet having fish line on it; cruelly inclined; loses father or a senior member in early period of life; sickly during childhood; occupies a good position in service; respected by the king or government
Dhanus (Saggitarius)
Large head and neck, prominent nose and ears, bent shoulders, good fleshy arms, big teeth and lower lip; bad nails; active and engaged in work; eloquent in speech; religious and prepared to sacrifice for others; inimical to relations; overpowers enemies; cannot be brought round by force, but can be prevailed upon by persuasion only
Makara (Capricorn)
Good eyes, lower part of the body below the waist under developed compared to the upper half; thin waist; suffers from diseases arising out of VATA (wind); allergic to winter or cold; dotes upon his wife and children; makes a big show of being religious (though in reality he may not be so religious); cruel, avaricious, fortunate and prosperous; accepts advice tendered; has good stamina, fond of walking; indolent; a connoisseur of poetry; devoid of shame, attached to an elderly lady related to the native
Kumbha (Aquarius)
Large face, neck, back stomach, waist, thighs and feet; ears large and with hair; rough hair on a large body like that of a pitcher; prominent veins; indulges in sinful acts for the sake of others wives; fond of good scents and flowers; avaricious; capable of putting up with hard labour or trying journeys; clever in attacking others, not wealthy himself but utilizes the wealth of others; his fortunes wax and wane like the Moon
Meena (Pisces)
Lustrous face; fine body, large head, prominent nose; proportionate limbs, beautiful eyes. Attached to wife; fond of good clothes; is under the influence of wife or women; overcomes his enemies, wealthy, gets money connected with water or from goods and men across the seas; may come across buried treasure or may get wealth without much effort; is learned and grateful; drinks water frequently and in large quantities.

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Effect Of Lagan
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